Today is Election Day, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t like their options. Both major candidates have rape accusations, both are over 70 years old, and neither of them seem to represent the majority of Americans. But instead of sitting this one out or casting your vote for Kanye West or another unviable third party candidate, I want to remind you that there’s something else on the ballot this year: the planet.

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that we need to keep the Earth’s average temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels…

I get it, judicial nominations aren’t exactly the Emmys or BET Awards. There are certainly no exciting performances or special guests, and most of the speeches are given by old white men. While the more politically-involved citizens may pay attention to the Senate hearings going on right now, many Americans are skipping the televised arguments to watch something more entertaining — like football. And who could blame them? But here’s the thing: the results of this Supreme Court nomination will not only affect you (and they will affect you), but also your children and your children’s children. …

A Tale of the Travel Ban’s Impact on a U.S. Citizen and his Fiancée

Mehraneh Rayatidamavandi (left) and Brian Swank (right) in front of the White House

“I have an awesome career. I have my dream job. I’m set up to be able to support my family, but I’m missing the most important thing.”

Brian Swank, an American citizen and New Jersey resident, fell in love in 2015 at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry when he met a gorgeous PhD student from Iran, Mehraneh Rayatidamavandi. After talking for hours over a cup of coffee, Brian knew she was the one. The two began dating and fell head-over-heels for each other. He taught her about Halloween, and she taught him about Nowruz — the Persian New…

It was 1988. She had just turned 5. The Mexican desert sun beat down on the crowded car as she sat on her mother’s lap in the front seat. The driver veered off the road despite everyone’s frantic protests and suddenly a herd of ATVs surrounded the vehicle. A helicopter hovered overhead as uniformed men pointed guns at the car from all directions.


Ghoncheh, her mom, and the driver followed the guards’ directions. In the back seat, there was another family-a mom, a dad, and young boy close to…

In 1946, Wake Forest University moved to its current location in Winston-Salem. At the time, the university only had two food options: Shorty’s and it’s cafeteria — what is now known as ‘the Pit’ due to it’s location in the basement of Reynolda Hall. Since then, the locations where students can grab a snack or meal on campus have multiplied to include chains like Chick-fil-a, Subway, and Moe’s as well as school-specific restaurants like Zick’s and Shorty’s.

Wait Chapel being built and today

In the food court in Benson and next to Subway on the upper quad, there are small…

Wake Forest Offers Gender Neutral Housing

Story Published on Old Gold & Black website.

Rome is well known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and savory wine, but there is more to the city than what initially meets the eye. Between the winding cobblestone streets and over the ancient seven hills, one can find Rome’s more bizarre attractions. This is a guide to stepping off the beaten path and experiencing curiosities that even the locals may have missed. Be sure to visit the famous tourist sites like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, but spend your last few days in the Eternal City embracing Rome’s more peculiar side.


1. There’s Fire in Purgatory | 10:30

What better way to spend your…

Shannon Kuehn

Director of Communications at PAAIA, B.A. in Political Science from Wake Forest University with minors in Philosophy, Journalism, & Entrepreneurship

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